What are the benefits of sourdough?

The benefits of eating sourdough bread are that the body can digest the bread more easily and can help with digestion.

What about the environment?

We aim to use as much local produce as possible to do our bit for carbon footprint..

Do you have parking?

YES and it’s free, but if you can please walk, ride, run, or come on horse.
(We’ll be doing special offers for eco travel to the Bakehouse, which will be on the website and social media).

Is there disability access?

We have a ramp into the building and designated parking bays 

Are there parent parking bays?

We have a large car park to allow customers to park in a friendly manner. We have ramp access to the building for prams and buggies.

Dog friendly?

As we are producing food we do not allow pets into the building but we do have places to tie them up outside.

Why do you only open 10am – 2pm?

Because we prove the bread for flavour and taste and currently offer a small selection of bread. In the future we hope to offer a later opening or coded locker system ( please keep an eye on the website and social media).

What happens if I don’t like your bread?

We hope you will but if you don’t please come and speak to us! We want to hear what you think.

Where can I find out more information?

@BradwallBread, Facebook, Twitter , Phone, E-mail contact details

Do you deliver?

We are able to deliver orders over £40 and within 15 miles. Wholesale orders delivery can be negotiated with the order.

Do you do bread courses?

This is something we are very much looking forward to doing in the future but at the moment it is a “no sorry”.

Can I buy flour off you?

Yes we will be stocking a small range of flours for your home baking and cooking.

Can you freeze the bread?

YES the bread can be frozen.
Helpful tip: wrap it well, slice the bread before you freeze it is great if you only want to take out a couple of pieces at a time!

Will the bread be in plastic bags?

No, we are trying not to use plastic at all at Bradwall Bakehouse, we will serve the bread in paper bags or you can buy a beeswax bread bag from us to take your goods home.

What is the best way to keep the bread?

A reusable bag is good or an old cereal bag works well too. 

If I’m not eating the bread on the day of purchase, how do I refresh the bread?

The best way to refresh a loaf is to place it in a warm oven sprinkled with water for 5 to 6 minutes. We find the crust will come back and feel like it’s oven fresh. Or for a softer refresh try a short burst in a low setting microwave.

Can I lock my bike up?

There are fences around the property that we are happy for you to lock your bike to, this is at your own risk. We do ask that you don’t use the railings of the disability ramp.