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Locally Baked

Bradwall Bakehouse sold its first loaf on 28th April 2022. It is run by people who are passionate about food and hospitality. Their aim is to bring incredible ‘real’ bread products to the local Cheshire community.

Woody Barlow, co owner of the Bakehouse, has helped to establish and run some of the most iconic hospitality businesses in the North West over a 25 year period. Over the years, he has recognised that though there are brilliant artisan bakers in Cheshire, he was often unable to buy high quality products consistently for his venues. So, in tandem with consumers’ burgeoning knowledge of ‘good food’ and an increasing propensity to buy locally, he decided to ‘square the circle’ and give local communities the chance to buy incredible breads through the development of the bakehouse.

Wheatchalk To buy

Customers can buy products on a ‘click and collect’ basis

To guarantee your bread, you can buy products on a ‘click and collect’ basis through our website.

Order and pay for your products online, and then collect your bread from the bakehouse on your chosen day between the advertised opening hours.

Alternatively, you can visit the bakehouse during opening times. The earlier you visit, the more likely you are to get what you want. We try to keep our food waste to a minimum so once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Don’t forget to introduce yourself at the bakehouse. We’re very excited to be meeting all the local members of the community and beyond!

WheatChalkWhy Bradwall Village Hall?

A perfect space to develop an artisan bakery

Bradwall Village Hall was originally as a focal point for the village and to support the thriving farming community. Over four decades, the community of Bradwall evolved with farming methods altering and changing lifestyles resulting in the hall attracting fewer users and volunteers. In 2016, the world famous Foden’s Brass Band took up temporary residence and helped the hall but in March 2020, Covid-19 then accelerated the need for change.

Woody Barlow purchased the village hall to breathe new life into the building and launch the new Bradwall Bakehouse. He has overseen the modifications to the hall, developing bakery facilities, and providing Foden’s Brass Band with their own dedicated practice facilities.

According to Woody, “The revamped kitchen provides a perfect space to develop an artisan bakery for the baking of innovative breads for the local market. Having worked in hospitality for 25 years I know there is strong demand for high quality, locally sourced bread.”

Wholesale Customers

Amaze your guests and patrons with our incredible, locally-produced artisan bread products!

Ideal for local hospitality businesses and discerning food retailers, we are able to deliver specific orders within 15 miles of Bradwall or you are welcome to collect pre-orders during opening times advertised opening times.


Locally Baked