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Collection Times and Locations:
Bradwall Bakehouse, CW11 1RG: Monday (*frozen Sourdough), Tuesday - Friday - 10am-2pm,
Saturday 9am-Noon
Define Wine (CW8 2NH) Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am-8pm
The Swan at Tarporley (CW6 0AG) Wednesday&Friday 11am-11pm
The Lion at Malpas (SY14 8NE) Wednesday&Friday 11am-11pm
Bare Health (Congleton CW12 1BD) Friday&Saturday 11am-5pm

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  • Special Sourdough Boule (700g)


    Dark Rye & Crispy Onion (28th May – 8th June) Pumpkin & Sunflower Seed (11th June – 22nd June)     Fabulous taste sensations not to be missed!

    £5.00 available on subscription
  • White Sourdough Loaf – 700g


    We prove the dough for 24hours before baking which gives it it fabulous flavour and texture. Delicious fresh and scrummy as a toast…

    £4.50 available on subscription
  • White Sourdough Loaf (1000g)


    An ideal sourdough for catering and hospitality businesses together with your home toaster!. A fine sourdough, proved overnight to create a delicious character. Great for for freezing (if required) and using a slice at a time.

    £5.50 available on subscription
  • Malted Grain Sourdough Boule (700g)


    NEW to our core product range by popular request.  Created using our long sourdough proving process this bread tastes delicious whilst also being very good for you.

    £4.75 available on subscription
  • Fruit Bread


    Using white flour wheat this is a yeasted dough studded with chopped dried apricots, dates and sultanas with a cinnamon sugar topping. Perfect for toast or an alternative to a tea-cake.

    £4.00 available on subscription
  • Foccacia – Confit Garlic & Sea Salt


    An alternative to Garlic Bread, this Focaccia is crispy, bouncy, flavoursome and a fabulously versatile bread. Use it for dipping into oils or baked Camembert, as the base for a bruschetta or even as the top & tail to a sandwich!

    £4.00 available on subscription
  • Focaccia – Rosemary and Sea Salt


    Topped with fresh rosemary, sea-salt flakes and olive oil… Made using white flour wheat. This is a fresh yeasted dough. Great with antipasto, pasta or as a sandwich

    £4.00 available on subscription
  • Focaccia Croutons – Rosemary & Sea Salt


    Made with fresh Rosemary and sea salt, these croutons are crunchy and delicious with soup, salad or on their own as a moreish snack!

    £2.00 available on subscription
  • Buns x 4 – White


    4 soft white buns, perfect for your bacon bap or filled for your lunchtime sandwich.

    £2.75 available on subscription
  • Buns x 4 – Lightly Malted


    4 soft lightly malted bread buns.

    £2.75 available on subscription
  • Sourdough Pizza Balls (frozen) x 2


    A fabulous, frozen pizza base ball, full of the sourdough goodness.  Try your skills at stretching and moulding, add your favourite toppings to make a delicious pizza.

    £2.75 available on subscription
  • Brioche Bun x 30 (wholesale only)


    Made using white flour wheat. Using free range eggs from Bradwall, butter and milk make this a sweet enriched bun. Great for burgers, bacon or sausage baps.

    £24.00 available on subscription
  • White Bloomer (800g)


    A classic, everyday, white bloomer bread big enough for the whole family. Ideal with soup, for sandwiches, on the cheeseboard or just as plain bread with butter. As with all our products, made with no improvers or additives.

    £4.20 available on subscription
  • Malted Grain Bloomer (800g)


    This is an everyday malted grain bread, great for making sandwiches or toast. Using malted grain flour wheat and it’s a slow proven yeasted dough.

    £4.20 available on subscription
  • Sourdough Experience – Sunday, 30th June 2024 – 10am-2.30pm


    Discover all you need to know about sourdough in this immersive experience. The Bradwall Way!  You will be guided through the intricacies of producing sourdoughs and focaccia.  Whether you’re already playing with sourdough or you’re looking for a new skill to impress friends, this could be your course!  For more details please email fiona@bradwallbakehouse.co.uk.  …

    £165.00 available on subscription
  • Bradwall Bakehouse Cloth Shopper




    A high quality and versatile cloth bag ideal for your bread. The bag can also be used for a range of other carrying jobs with its strong handles and natural look. A stylish little gift or treat yourself.

    £5.00 available on subscription